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Random musings and whimsy.

Northland Secrets

Many fascinating things can be found in Northland, New Zealand.

Click here if you cannot see the above video to go to the YouTube page.

This short film includes:

- The Eutopia Cafe

Based on eutopian ideals.
See: http://www.eutopia.co.nz

- Maungaturoto

Billed as "A Real New Zealand Town", Maungaturoto was first settled by pioneers from the Albertland Settlement Scheme back in 1863, the Māori name meaning "Valley Between Two Hills".
See: http://www.realtownmaungaturoto.co.nz

- Waipoua Forest

An ancient rainforest, the Waipoua reserve comprises 247 hectares (greater than the size of more than 600 football pitches), with more than 300 species of trees, shrubs and ferns.

- Tane Mahuta

Meaning "God of the Forest" in Māori, it is the largest living Kauri tree, estimated to be over 2000 years old. It stands about 52 metres tall, with a girth of 13.8 metres.

- Omapere

"Gateway to the Hokianga" (a long, estuarine drowned valley).

- The Hundertwasser Public Toilets

Designed by internationally-renowned artist, ecologist and architect, Freidrich Hundertwasser, he recycled the communitys old glass bottles and reclaimed bricks, and incorporated these into the only structure he ever built in the Southern Hemisphere.

Grass adorns the roof, a tree is incorporated into the structure and mosaic tiling, copper handwork, sculptures and cobblestone flooring abound.

- Wellsford

A small Northland town with some interesting corrugated iron!

- Other art, sculpture and pink sheep?!

Date & Time Posted 11:40 PM, Wednesday, 4 March 2009, by Faber Optimé.
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